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All German citizens will receive the same SMS on this day at the same time

Another warning day is scheduled for December 8th in Germany

German news. The same sms will come to every German citizen. Another warning day is scheduled for December 8th in Germany, during which the necessary systems are to be tested and their possible weak points identified.

The same text message will come to every German citizen

Interior Minister Nancy Faeser said there was a need to test the new systems so that they can be used precisely afterwards. For the first time, a test alert message with the highest level of alert will also be sent to all cell phones nationwide , Faeser reports. “This is the first test of the warning using cellular transmission,” she added.

Thanks to this method, all people who are in a specific cellular network will receive an SMS reminder message on their phone. This will be at 11:00 am. The big advantage is that alerts can be sent to anyone. Regardless of whether the recipient has a regular mobile phone or smartphone.

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Test phase of new warning systems

People will have the chance to use the test phase to learn about the new warning channel. This will take advantage of the feedback and live lessons learned from it. The lessons will be able to coordinate the interface involved in the best possible way said Ralph Tiesler, president of the Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief (BBK).

From February 2023, it is planned to enable the optimal use of Cell Broadcast in the normal operating mode and include it in the so-called Warnmix. This applies, for example, to sirens, radio, television or applications such as KATWARN and NINA.