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Violence in South Africa: 70 dead in riots and hundreds arrested while shops face destruction

There has been ongoing violence in South Africa that has been slowly growing and spreading to more an more places in the African Country this is because of the arrest of ex-President Jacob Zuma and him going to prison.

More than 70 people have already been declared dead due to the riots, hundred have been arrested and numerous shops defaced and destructed.

Most recent protests and looting has spread to the provinces on Mpumalanga and the North Cape. Bfore that they had maily focused on Zuma’s home province of KwaZulu-Natal and some parts of Johanesburg too.

The surrounding provide of Gauteng has also been affected with people calling on the government to declare a state of emergency.

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Once again, shops, shopping centres, offices and warehouses were looted and partly set on fire in several cities.

A video has done rounds on social media that shows a supermarket that has poured oil at the entrance to discourage and disable any looting. Many businesses have been taking such a stand.

More than 70 dead

Tagesschau reported that 72 people died. Most died in mass panics during the looting, some died in ATM explosions. More than 1200 people were arrested. Hundreds of stores were destroyed.

Why Zuma was imprisoned?

Zuma turned himself in to the police over the weekend and served his 15-month prison term. He had been sentenced for refusing to testify in corruption investigations during his nine-year tenure, which ended in 2018.

Source: Tagesschau