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UK shortage of agricultural workers: tonnes of rotten fruits and vegetables amounting to more than £ 66 million in plantations

Regularisation of irregular migrant workers

UK news. UK labour shortages. UK crops and plantations could cost up to £66 M in losses. There is a shortage of workers to collect vegetable, fruit and other agricultural products.

The crops left in the field in the first half of 2022 alone was worth £ 22M. According to a study by the 200-strong National Farmers union published by Bloomberg, it could also cost £ 26m.

In the UK, the union represents only one-third of the UK’s fruit and vegetable sector, it is likely that in the first six months of this year the value of food on the verge of wasting and rotting – because no one collects it will be around  £ 66 million.

Lack of stuff due to the Brexit

The UK has been struggling with a chronic labour shortage for months. COVID-19 depleted the labour market in many Western countries and not just only in the UK not only in the UK. The islands, however, face another aggravating factor – Brexit – which has greatly complicated the influx of seasonal and unskilled workers.

With the UK’s current restrictive measures on migrant rules it fails to fill in the gaps in the labour market.

Unemployment has been at a record low for almost half a century and now stands at 3.8 percent, around 1.5 million job vacancies cannot be filled. This is a sign that the British do not want to do some jobs – especially low-wage jobs.

Source: la Repubblica