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Travel to Germany: Airport disruption to extend to October

German news. Travel to Germany. Passengers flying in and out of Germany will have to deal with disruption until October due to a few mishaps.

Despite there being signs that things could be easing off very slightly there are still weeks of disruption lie ahead.

The head of the airport association ADV, Ralph Beisel said that the situation is stabilising and that adhoc measures introduced are having an effect.

Improvements can only be expected from October, when the peak travel time is over. According to The local, data collected by the institute of the German Economy, airports are currently short of up to 7,000 skilled workers.

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Travel to Germany: Government to bring in temp workers from Turkey

The German government said recently it would cut red tape to allow private companies to hire workers from abroad to ease the staffing problems. 

In order to help the baggage-handling situation at German airports, up to 2,000 temporary employees are being sought from Turkey.

Source: The local