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The number of infections remains high in Germany, Angela Merkel calls on Länder prime ministers to extend hard lockdown

In the last 24 hours, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) has recorded 12,690 new coronavirus infections and another 336 deaths related to Sars-CoV-2. There are currently about 353,300 active corona cases in Germany. This has lead to a necessary call to extend the hard lockdown in Germany.

The 7-day incidence in Germany is 141.2, according to RKI (January 2, 0.00).

In the district of Vogtlandkreis (Saxony) the incidence of 7 days is still extremely high, at 885.4. Since Christmas, the district has been battling a particularly high number of infections. It is difficult to explain why the Vogtlandkreis figures exploded.

Here are the most affected areas:

  • Vogtlandkreis District (Saxony) – 885.4
  • Meissen District (Saxony) – 594.1
  • The city of Coburg (Bavaria) – 479.6
  • Bautzen District (Saxony) – 420.3
  • Hildburghausen District (Thuringia) 403.5
  • Unstrut-Hainich-Kreis District (Thuringia) – 400.1
  • District of Nordsachsen (Saxony) – 396.5

Germany is in a tough stalemate and will probably remain so for the time being.

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The measures initially set by 10 January are to be extended by two to three weeks.

On January 5, Chancellor Angela Merkel and the prime ministers of the Länder will meet for the next Covid 19 summit – then it will be decided to extend the o in Germany.

As of January 1, the situation in German intensive care units was still serious. Here are the figures from January 1, at 13.00, according to the DIVI intensive register:

  • Occupied intensive care beds in Germany: 19,846
  • Intensive care beds available: 3896
  • Corona patients in intensive care units: 5575
  • Patients with ventilated crown: 3113

Source: Ziarul Romanesc, Afronews