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Supermarket chains to shorten shopping hours until 8 p.m throughout Germany

Supermarket chains to shorten shopping hours until 8 p.m throughout Germany

News in Germany. Supermarket chains to shorten shopping hours. Supermarket chain wants to shorten its opening hours due to the energy crisis. Bavaria is to be the model for discounters throughout Germany, with shops there closing at 8 p.m.

In the wake of the energy crisis, the food industry is under huge pressure resulting in supermarkets and discounters having problems. A supermarket chain has demanded shorter opening hours for the entire industry due to the rising electricity and gas costs.

In a letter to 16 national governments, managing director Thomas Gutberlet proposed that the restriction should initially run for three months – nationwide.

According to the chain’s idea, supermarkets should be set “like Bavaria” in the coming months. This means grocery stores should not be opened longer than 8 p.m.

“This is an example that we want to give to everyone. The impetus for this was the energy crisis,” says a spokesman for the company. First, he said, the question is how the industry can contribute to saving energy.

In actual fact, the chain proposes to initiate a general debate on shorter opening hours of grocery stores. The idea is to make the sector more attractive with working hours resulting in more applications. It is about sustainable development, as it could save resources – even outside of the energy crisis.

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