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Rwanda reluctant to receive UK asylum seekers from neighbouring countries

Rwanda’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Vincent Biruta, made a statement that insinuated that Rwanda would be reluctant to receive UK asylum seekers from their neighbouring countries in regards to Rwanda’s new deal with the UK.

Rwanda’s Minster of Foreign Affairs Vincent Biruta makes statement that Rwanda will not receive people from neighbouring.

“We’d prefer not to receive people from neighbouring countries, immediate neighbours…like DRC, like Burundi, Uganda or Tanzania,” wrote BBC Africa Instagram post quoting the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Mr. Biruta added that the new controversial decision by the UK was supported wholly by Rwanda and that the country would provide the relocated refugees with ‘a dignified life, shelter and skills for them to be able to socially and economically integrate into their society.

The programme is to run until the asylum seekers desire to go back to their country of origin.

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Rwanda’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Vincent Biruta struck a nerve among Africans with the statement sounding condescending. Rwandans have in the past sought refuge in these neighbouring countries that the country has chosen to overlook.

Under a post shared by BBC many had comments to share in this regard. Here are some of them:

”Well he just said what the west does. Y’all select which refugees to take also, but you can make news about an African country selecting its refugee. Well BBC remains an undefeated sh*thouse”

“Rwanda forgets how many refugees from Rwanda live since the genocide in DR Congo or Tanzania until today. Don’t act like Europe”

“When will Africans start to think Africa first”

“People forget quickly…remember when Uganda hosted refugees from Rwanda in 1994…and there after?…”

“Interesting that Tanzania has been receiving Refugees from the great lakes since I was young. It’s almost ironic to hear the Foreign Affairs Minister expressly stating that His country would not want to receive refugees from immediate neighbours! One wonders!!”

“hmm not sure what to make of this statement. surely you can accommodate those closest to you. just as Poland and UK are accommodating Ukrainians first as opposed to Africans or Asians some of whom have been waiting before the Ukrainian war.”

“What!!! Did he just say they prefer those in UK but not their neighbours !!!!!! Who provided refuge during their genocide? Was it the UK? Bure kabisa!!!”