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Research: This is what you must do if you want your children to be successful

Children are more likely to be successful in life if they have emotionally invested parents, a new study has revealed.

Emotionally invested parents give children a leg up in life
Emotionally invested parents give children a leg up in life

The study published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, looked at the relationship between 27 children aged between four and six and their parents.

It examined the quality of the emotional bond to their parents, and their cognitive control including: resisting temptation, their ability to remember things, and whether they are shy or withdrawn.

Genes and the environment seem to be the main factors influencing one’s success in life. This research, however, found a caring and emotionally attentive environment is liable to be a long-term game-changer.

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Dr Schneider-Hassloff who headed the research said their findings “support developmental theories which propose that a high emotional quality in the mother-child interaction (attachment security) fosters the cognitive development of the child.”

Parents who understand the long-term importance of emotional nurturing give their young ones a better chance at future success by encouraging independence in their kids while remaining emotionally available.

Even in hardship they can create an emotional space that will have long-lasting and powerful consequences for the child’s future life-skills, the study asserts.

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