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Don’t accept rides from strangers, police in Berlin warn women fleeing from Ukraine

Reports of men harassing young women fleeing the Russian invasion of Ukraine have reached the police in Berlin who are warning women to be careful not to accept any rides from lone men showing up as volunteers.

Police in Berlin warn women fleeing Russian invasion of Ukraine

Some police and volunteers working at the Refugees arriving in Berlin’s central station from Ukraine have reported that there are some people who are taking advantage of the confusion and chaos of refugees arriving at the station. Most of the victims are said to be young women and children arriving alone.These men are reported to approach women with ride offers and a place to stay.

According to an interview with the Federal police spokesperson, he said that such cases are so conspicuous and they immediately catch the eye of their volunteers and staff. He further added that harassment cases were only witnessed in the “lower double digits” and there was no evidence of any crimes of sexual assault ,kidnapping or human trafficking taking place.

“One woman reported of an incident of a case where a young man was trying to lure her and immediate action was taken by chasing him away” the police spokesperson said and added that there were a lot of people with honest intentions who would like to volunteer at the station.

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