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Nigerian man goes viral for refusing to kneel down during proposal

A Nigerian man who refused to kneel down to propose to his girlfriend of five years got rejected.

The man was confessing his love to his girlfriend and offered a ring but he did so standing.

His lover was not amused and asked him why he was not kneeling down during his proposal but he remained adamant that he did not need to kneel down to prove he was in love.

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His girlfriend was getting offended asking him why he was choosing to embarrass her and not kneel as is customary, but he asked if kneeling proved his love for her?

“Kneeling down does not show you that I love you. I want to show yo taht I love you and kneeling down does not show that.” He argued.

The lady decided on rejecting his proposal because the young man refused to kneel down.

Source: Entertainment TV