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Austria: Nigerian frauds woman six-figure euro amount by pretending to be a woman

A Nigerian man was reported for committing fraud agaisnt a young woman from Salzberg by pretending to be a woman. The Salzberg criminal police have succeeded in identifying the case as serious internet fraud.

The 57 years old Austrian was lured by the man, 34, by the prospect of love, that had been going on for a period of 7 months.

Nachrichten reported that the man got the woman to transfer a a low six-digit euro amount in bitcoins to a fraudster, the police said on Saturday. The alleged perpetrator, a 34-year-old Nigerian, was reported to the Salzburg public prosecutor.

The Nigerian man had pretended he was a woman on a communication platform on the internet to commit fraud. Contact was made with a 57-year-old Austrian who communicated via email. The alleged woman made her victim believe that she was working in America and exporting goods to Austria.

This is not the first time a love interest has gone sour or resulting in fraud with other cases we wrote about like;

Finally she told the man about money problems and asked him for financial help. As security, fake bank details were disclosed, the woman could not access the amount there. The 57-year-old transferred money in the form of bitcoins to the alleged woman a total of 18 times. The perpetrator could be tracked and reported.

P.S: value of the internet currency Bitcoin varies greatly. In the past few days, a Bitcoin was worth around 30,000 euros.