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Merkel proposes plan to ease lockdown measures in Germany in three stages

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is to put together a proposal to ease Germany out of the lockdown measures in three stages.

Germany is looking ahead to relaxing Covid-19 measures and coming out of the shutdown which has been in place since November reported The Local.

On Monday, Merkel reportedly told her Christian Democrat (CDU) party members that the lockdown measures could be eased in several stages, combined with increased coronavirus testing.

Here are the three areas which will be focused on:

  • personal contacts (this refers to how many people you can meet)
  • schools and vocational schools
  • sports, restaurants/cafes and culture

The aim is to put together packages from these areas to make reopening possible.

The Chancellor urged for a cautious reopening, coupled with more testing.

A working group with Merkel’s chief of staff Helge Braun and heads of the state chancelleries are to put together a plan on how to reopen public life.

They aim to present the plan at the next talks between Merkel and the state leaders on March 3rd.