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Men across Africa join the fight against FGM

Female Genital Mutilation is not only a woman issue but men need to be involved as well” Says male campaigners against FGM.

Dr. Morrissanda Kouyate FGM campaigner

Guinea prime minister of foreign affairs Dr.Morrissanda Kouyate has been on the forefront fighting against FGM. He started this work while he was still a young man at 32 years after a sad incident where twin girls died while he was trying to save them after they had experienced the cut. This incident inspired him to write to the then government about the horrible event. His letter later on ended at the World Health Organization and Kouyate was invited to learn more about FGM

Kouyate has been instrumental on the fight against FGM and he has successfully founded the Inter- African Committee (IAC). The IAC has brought together 16 countries whose main focus is on practices affecting women Health.

Female Genital Mutilation across Africa

Elsewhere, in Somalia 99% of the girls have undergone the cut. This is the highest percentage accross the world. Hassan Istiila who is a male activist and has been on the forefront to fight FGM. He has received a lot of critism as the Somali culture most men support FGM.

In Kenya, Jeremiah Kipainoi has been anti-FGM for almost five years. He believes enough sensitization has already taken place and he highly doubts if there is anyone who doesn’t know that FGM is wrong. He is now doing the call for accountability activism by tasking those who are supposed to prevent it.

All these are male campaigners and it is a great step in fighting FGM across the African continent. The fight has not only be left to the women but the men are also joining hands to fight the horror of FGM.

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