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Makosi Musambasi: Why you should take coronavirus seriously

Makosi Musambasi, a Zimbabwean TV host and life coach is urging all to take the coronavirus seriously.

In a video on her Instagram account, Makosi says: “Guys guys guys! Let’s take this thing a little bit more serious yeah!” It is killing so many people including medical personnel.

“I’m not telling you this to freak you out … I’m telling you this to realize that shit is real,” she says.

Makosi comments on the news going around that chloroquine, a malaria drug can cure coronavirus.

She urges those selling chloroquine to be used as a cure for coronavirus to stop doing so since researchers have not yet confirmed that it can effectively cure Covid-19.

“The best thing we can all do for ourselves is to pretend like we all have it. And instead of trying your best not to get it, try your best not to give it,” Makosi says.

She then goes on to advise people to wash their hands, cough into their elbows, sanitize and minimise their movements.

“Why am I saying we should all pretend like we have it? It is because we probably do guys. I mean we are seeing what’s happening in Italy because they are testing, and they have figures. But in Africa when you hear that Zimbabwe has five cases, not being a prophetess of doom, but probably you wanna double that or triple that, or you want even to multiply it by a hundred,” Makosi says.

She renews the appeal to all to wash their hands frequently, stay away from large groups, stay at home, and even pray from home instead of going to church where many people gather.

You can maintain social contacts by video calling each other, she says.

She then advises all to avoid panicking. “Just remember not to panic. I know when you tell people not to panic they panic, but I think we are giving this thing momentum by panicking and freaking out, so try and just live a clean life.”