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Konstanz City Unites to Tackle Racism in Football Tournament

Kick Racism off the football Pitch. Germany-based non-profit organization Café Mondial is hosting a football tournament called “Kick Racism Off the Pitch Together” on June 30, 2024, at Sportplatzareal Schänzle in Konstanz, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

In a statement from Café Mondial Konstanz said: “In a time full of challenges and social tensions, we want to come together as a city community to forget all our worries for a day on the football pitch, regardless of status, skin colour or gender. That’s why we want to kick racism off the pitch together with you on 30 June 2024. Under the theme: “Join us and make up a team that says No to racism”

“Our aim is to raise awareness of racism, promote solidarity with one another and bring people from Constance and newcomers together. Constance thrives on its friendly people and its intercultural, cosmopolitan community’

“We want to promote this and make it visible because everyone is part of our city. This tournament is an opportunity to take an active stand against marginalization both on and off the pitch, making our community a better place to live together rather than against each other.”

What you can expect

A day full of football, fun and community! We have planned an action-packed tournament where you can show off your skills on the pitch. You can also expect information stands from NGOs in Constance and short contributions from people from all over the world. Catering will be provided. Everyone who doesn’t want to play football can watch and cheer, get information, play beach volleyball and get into conversation. Because it’s not just about football – it’s about making a big difference together.

How you can help

By taking part in the tournament, you are not only supporting a good cause, but also helping to raise awareness. Share your experiences, photos and stories on social media and encourage others to join you. Every contribution counts, whether it’s through your participation, donations or simply spreading the word.
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Become part of a movement that stands up for equality, respect and fairness

“In cooperation with Stabsstelle Konstanz International, we want to set an example together with you—on the pitch and beyond. Let’s show that we are strong as a community and that we won’t let hate and prejudice bring us down. Let’s create a world where everyone is equally respected, regardless of skin color, origin, or religion. We are delighted that Lord Mayor Uli Burchardt is taking on the patronage of the tournament with this important message,” explained Café Mondial. You can find the latest information on our website:

How will the games be played?

The football tournament will comprise of 24 teams of 6 players each, plus substitutes. The playing time per game is ten minutes with a mix team at least one female or male and will be played on two pitches.

Fair play has been made a priority from the beginning to the end of the games and there will only be group matches where all teams will play 6 matches in the groups. Afterwards, the points from the games and the placings will be announced.

About Café Mondial Konstanz

Since 2015, Café Mondial has been a creative space and meeting place for everyone living in and visiting Konstanz. By mid-2016, it also became a real café. The organization is committed to sustainable urban development that includes all people in Konstanz. Whether you live in Konstanz, are just passing through, or are a student or migrant from anywhere in the world, Café Mondial opens its doors at least three times a week. They offer counseling, discussion events, music, dance, cooking together, or simply coffee, tea, juice, and cake.

The café operates on a “Pay as much as you can/want” principle, and donations of cakes and other treats are always welcome. Café Mondial also supports other initiatives by offering free space for voluntary groups. These include Fridays for Future, the local Refugee Law Clinic, Adtendo, the award-winning “Project 83 – Konstanz Integrated,” and local groups from Amnesty International, Foodsharing, SoLawi Konstanz, and many more.