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‘Germany needs hundreds of thousands of immigrants yearly’- Federal Labour Agency

Germany: Detlev Scheele, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Federal Agency for Employment in Germany, announced that the country needs about 400,000 immigrants annually, which is clearly more than it was during the past years.

“For me , it is not about asylum , but about immigration aimed at filling the gaps in the labour market,” Scheele explained to the German newspaper “Süddeutsche Zeitung” in its edition of Tuesday, August 24.

The German economist added that “from health-care, through climate experts, to logistics specialists and academia: there will be a shortage of specialised labour in every field” in Germany.

“Germany can solve the problem only by rehabilitating non-teachers and people who no longer have jobs and allowing part-time workers, against their will, to work for longer, and also by bringing migrants to the country in particular,” Scheele added, stressing that the country must do so.

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The next federal government will have to bring it all together.

Source: db a