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Halle attack, Karamba Diaby calls for action against racism and right-wing extremists

Karamba Diaby, the first black African man to be elected to the German Parliament (Bundestag) has called for action to curb widespread anti-Semitism, racism, right-wing populism and group-based misanthropy in Germany.

In a message to mark the second anniversary of the deadly attack on a synagogue in the eastern city of Halle, Dr Diaby who is the MP for Halle said it was important not only to pause to remember the anti-Semitic and racist terrorist attack in Halle, but also to discuss and find ways of avoiding such tragedies.

On 9th October 2019, Stephan Balliet, 28, shot and killed a female passer-by and a man at a kebab shop after failing to break into the synagogue.

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At least 52 Jewish worshippers marking the Yom Kippur festival inside the synagogue were saved by a heavy, bolted door that prevented Balliet from firing at them.

The attack nearly became Germany’s worst anti-Semitic atrocity since the Nazi era.

Balliet has since been jailed for life for the deadly attack on the synagogue in Halle.

In a post on his Facebook page, Dr Diaby said: “Anti-Semitism, racism, right-wing populism and group-based misanthropy are still far too common. They divide our society and form the basis for events such as in Halle, Hanau and most recently in Idar-Obenstein.”

He stressed that it was important to resist resolutely and strongly oppose the far-right extremism.

Dr Diaby hailed the civil society organisations working in Halle to raise awareness and promote social cohesion.