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Good news for drivers in Germany, you will soon be able to register your vehicle online

Good news for drivers in Germany, you will soon be able to register your vehicle online

German news. Online car registration in Germany. The Federal Ministry of Digitization and Transport (BMDV) has introduced a new Vehicle Registration Ordinance, aimed at speeding up and reducing the cost of registering new vehicles.

When will online registration come into force?

Germany will soon make it easier for drivers to register their vehicles. The new regulation is scheduled to come into force on September 1, 2023. However the Federal Council is yet to approve it.

The advantage of the new regulation is that from September 1, you will be able to travel on the roads immediately after re-registration of the vehicle. This means that citizens will no longer wait for their vehicle documents and license plates. They will be able to drive using the digital registration card as proof for up to 10 days.

According to Minister Volker Wissing, the fees for the digital processing of vehicle registration are much cheaper compared to the procedure at the municipal office.
“Thanks to our new regulation, registration becomes faster and cheaper. We want it to be as easy for individuals as it is for companies. Thanks to the new regulations, tedious and time-consuming administrative procedures are a thing of the past.”

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