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Gibraltar becomes first place in the world where the entire adult population is vaccinated

Gibraltar became the first place in the world, on Wednesday, to vaccinate the entire adult population against Covid-19, UK Health Minister Matt Hancock announced on Thursday. Inhabited by approx. 33 thousand. Gibraltar people is a British overseas territory.

Speaking in the House of Commons, Hancock added that the UK is helping Gibraltar by donating personal protective equipment as well as coronavirus testing. He also noted that the London government had provided Covid-19 vaccines to all of its overseas territories.

Since the start of the Gibraltar pandemic, 4,269 people have been diagnosed with coronavirus, of whom 94 have died. The peak of the incidence occurred in early January, and the highest number of deaths was recorded in the middle of this month, according to the Reuters ranking.

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During the past seven days, an average of two infections a day were detected there. According to local media reports, 25 infections are currently considered active there (PAP).