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Ghanaian Student Sets World Record by Hugging over 1,000 Trees in One Hour

Ghanaian student sets World Record. A 29-year-old environmental activist and forestry student from Ghana, Abubakar Tahiru, has set a new Guinness World Record by hugging 1,123 trees in one hour. This achievement was officially recognized by Guinness World Records on Friday, with Tahiru surpassing the minimum requirement of 700 tree hugs.

The record-breaking event took place at Tuskegee National Forest in Alabama, USA, where Tahiru embraced nearly 19 trees per minute.
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Tahiru, who grew up in a farming community in Tepa, Ghana, developed a strong passion for nature and conservation. After completing his undergraduate degree in forestry in Ghana, he moved to Alabama last year to pursue a master’s degree in forestry at Auburn University.

According to Guinness World Records, a successful tree hug involves wrapping both arms around a tree in a close embrace. Participants can only hug each tree once and must ensure no damage is caused to any tree during the attempt, or else the attempt will be disqualified.
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Despite fasting during Ramadan, which prevented him from drinking water, Tahiru successfully completed the challenge. He had to swiftly move between trees while ensuring each hug met the required standards. Reflecting on the experience, Tahiru mentioned that not being able to drink water posed a significant challenge, but it also helped him maintain uninterrupted focus throughout the attempt. He described achieving this world record as incredibly rewarding