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Germany returns to life with Street Music festival to be held in City West

Germany: Around 20 artists will set a musical symbol for a colourful and diverse Berlin and Europe for over three days at the Street Music Festival in City West.

The Street Music Festival will be held at Breitscheidplatz and Budapester Strasse from July 15th to July 17th 2021 between 12 PM and 9PM and entry will be free!!

The stages will be set up on Breitscheidplatz and on Budapester Straße with instrumental world music and street pop being played.

The Street Music Festival is part of the cultural summer in City West, which is celebrating a cautious return of cultural life after the pandemic lockdown of the cultural scene.

Many events will be happening this year to usher in a new sense of ‘back to normal’ for most people in Germany. We wrote about: Berlin being set set to host the colourful multicultural Kenako African Festival and the street festival, Carnival of the Cultures also in Berlin.

There will be a diverse program on the three days and among other things, the artists and their bands will be present:

  • Daiana Lou
  • The trouble notes
  • Tribubu
  • Sissos
  • Dr Philharmonic
  • Cosmonautix
  • Level spaces
  • Giorgia job
  • Nate Bernardini
  • Ajvar
  • Flora Falls
  • DeanisHome
  • Kayan Project
  • Gokan
  • Olmo
  • Sonny Casey
  • Cile
  • Menifà Trio
  • Geordie Little
  • Pan Chimzee

The three stages – Pink, Yellow and Blue – will be played in parallel. 

The Open Air Festival will open on July 15th at 12 noon on the Pink stage with a ceremony, welcome speeches and a concert by the EU4YA collective.