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Ukraine – Russia crisis, Germany’s Scholz warns Russian President Putin not to underestimate NATO resolve

Germany’s Olaf Scholz has warned Russian President Putin not to underestimate NATO by violating the principles of the UN charter and European peace border while carrying out its attacks on Ukraine which is a sovereign country

Germany’s Olaf Scholz warns Putin on underestimating NATO resolve

Olaf Scholz terms this actions as a serious situation and this might be the beginning of a war. This kind of war has never been witnessed in Europe for the last 25 years. Putin’s attempt to shift borders with violent means is unacceptable and by so doing he endangers the lives of the people of Ukraine.

Germany condemns Russian attack on Ukraine

“The attack on Ukraine is an attempt to turn back time and their is no way we are going back to the 90s when big powers had say and divided the world among themselves. A week ago I talked to Putin that this will be a bad mistake and will endanger the future of his country it would also be a damage to his own nation but he ignored all the warnings. He also ignored the attempt to seek diplomatic solutions and this war is fully on him and not on the Russian people.” Scholz said

Once again Olaf Scholz has called on president Putin to stop the war and withdraw Russian troops from Ukraine. He has advised him to find a diplomatic way of solving the problems.

European Union in the NATO under the G7 has agreed to impose economic sanctions on Russia that will affect them directly. The certification of the Nord stream on Baltic Sea project that was designed to double gas flow capacity from Russia to Germanyhas suspendedThey also plan to place more sanctions that will hit Russian Economy very hard.

Europe has also talked to Ukranian president and their government and they have assured them of their full support and they will not allow such violations.

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