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Germany: You can not gain entry from these countries from today

The Federal Ministry of the Interior has written down the new coronavirus protection ordinance for entry bans from countries in which there are dangerous mutations of the coronavirus on ten pages.

the spread of the variants is particularly worrying in these countries.”

Accordingly, entry bans from Great Britain, Ireland, Portugal, Brazil and South Africa and from Sunday also for Lesotho and Eswatini in southern Africa will apply. These countries have been classified by the federal government as so-called virus variant areas. The regulation will apply until February 17th reported.

And the mutations are dangerous: “There is a risk that the effectiveness of the vaccines currently used against the new variants will decrease because the neutralizing antibodies produced by the vaccination provide poorer protection against the modified virus,” is the reason for the measures in the regulation . These phenomena are currently being investigated further in numerous scientific studies.

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Exceptions to the entry bans are to be made for people with residence and right of residence in Germany and for the movement of goods. Strict test and quarantine requirements apply to German returnees. According to the protection ordinance, the airlines and rail, bus or shipping companies will no longer be allowed to transport people from the areas mentioned to Germany from Saturday.