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Germany weather warning: Severe storms approaching

German news. Weather alert in Germany. Following the tragedy on Sunday (05/05) on the island of Rügen, an immediate warning about dangerous weather was issued for several regions of Germany. Lightning struck a guesthouse roof on Rügen, leading to a dramatic fire that nearly destroyed the building. The police estimate the damage to be several million euros. Fortunately, the guests were able to escape the flames, likely due to the quick response of the host.

Weather alert in Germany

Following a brief period of summer-like weather, May started with strong storms across Germany. Flooded streets, fallen trees, and lightning strikes caused chaos, including one fatality in Bavaria. The situation has now settled, but more stormy weather is approaching.

On Sunday (May 5), the weather took a turn for the worse. According to the German Meteorological Service (DWD), a cold front with low pressure is moving from the northwest towards the Danube. Some areas will experience heavy rainfall and isolated thunderstorms.
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Specifically, heavy rainfall is expected in the northwest, with gusty winds in the north and possible storm gusts in the North Sea, between the Main and the Danube, and in parts of eastern Germany and Schleswig-Holstein. Hail is also possible in some areas.

The weather conditions will be especially severe starting from Monday

DWD meteorologist Dominik Jung warns that Sunday’s stormy weather in Germany is just the beginning. He cautions that the situation will become particularly severe from Monday evening through Wednesday morning.
The regions that experienced strong storms on Thursday (May 2) may face intense and sustained rainfall. Jung highlights that the Eifel region, including the Ahr Valley, will be affected once again.

Sunday, May 513 to 21 degrees
Monday, May 612 to 23 degrees
Tuesday, May 710 to 17 degrees
Wednesday, May 811 to 17 degrees
Thursday. May 916 to 23 degrees
Friday, May 1015 to 22 degrees
Saturday, May 1112 to 19 degrees
Sunday, May 1213 to 17 degrees

Despite the threat of storms, temperatures will stay mild in the coming days, ranging from 13 to 23 degrees Celsius. The coldest days are expected to be Tuesday and Wednesday. “We are not anticipating any significant temperature increases during this period,” states Jung in his sobering forecast.