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Storms come to Germany again over the weekend: hail, heavy rains and strong gusts, danger of floods

Storms come to Germany on the weekend, hail, heavy rains and strong gusts, danger of floods.

New storms are coming to Germany on Saturday afternoon. There is a warning of strong storms and also floods due to heavy rains.

Regions affected by floods in the West should expects storms. However, the storm that came with last week’s flood disaster is incomparable reports.

The Weather remains calm until Friday inclusive. Rain clouds could appear in the North and East.

But on Saturday, the humid and warm air comes to Germany and in the afternoon a storm front moves from France to Germany. Storms first to form on low mountain ranges and turn into storms during the day.

Strong storms are approaching – up to 40 litres per square meter

Locally there is heavy rainfall of up to 40 litres per square metre. It also means that floods can occur again in very limited areas. There is no heavy rainfall and therefore no new flood situation is expected. However, Saturday’s storms must be taken very seriously. Severe gusts of up to 100 km / h can occur and there is also hail.

On Saturday, the west, southwest and also the edge of the Alps are affected by storms. Storms occur especially in low mountain ranges. The affected areas will be the Black Forest, the Hunsrück and also the Eifel.

The storms remain active until late at night, move further east and turn into normal rain at the end of the night. Unlike the flood situation, the low pressure area extends throughout Germany and does not lie over a region.

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The biggest risk of storms will pass on Saturday, but Sunday will not be very calm either.

Storms and rain continue

Because there will be storms again on Sunday. However, they are not as strong as on Saturday. Severe weather developments are not completely ruled out, but are much less likely. The storms collapse in the evening as well. The storms broke out again on Monday, but in most parts of the country there was calm again.

Up to 50 liters per square meter

The amount of rain is not insignificant. In the Eifel and Hunsrück, in addition to the heavy rain on Saturday, it can fall up to 30 liters per square meter. However, rainfall is spread over several days, so it should not be a problem.

Things may look a little different at the edge of the Alps. A lot of rain is forecast here until the new week. Local up to 50 liters per square meter. By the middle of the week, it could reach up to 100 liters per square meter.