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Germany urges countries to step up fight against racism

Germany has been in a somewhat state of unrest with the government making efforts to debate with leaders of migrant groups on how to protect citizens from right-wing violence and threats following attacks by extremist.

In an address to the United Nations, German’s Foreign Minister Heiko Maas urged all countries to combat racial prejudice. He made the call a week after a right-wing extremist gunman killed nine people when he attacked hookah bars in Hanau before turning the gun on himself.

Mr Maas added that countries should step up to combat racism and protect minorities from hate crimes.

German chancellor Angela Merkel said in a statement that, ‘everyone in Germany has the right to feel safe “regardless of their skin colour or faith.”
She added that, ‘the country’s fight against racism, anti-Semitism and Islamophobia was the government’s “deepest concern.”’

Mr Seehofer last Saturday announced the creation of an “independent expert group on Islamophobia,” which emulates current ministerial panels on anti-Semitism and anti-ziganism.

The new panel, Mr Seehofer said, would convene for years and make recommendations on how to tackle anti-Muslim hatred and the marginalization of Muslims amid persistent far-right intimidation.

by Rading’ Nyamwaya