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Germany to lay out plans for 49-euro ticket in October

Germany to lay out plans for 49-euro ticket in October

News in Germany. Germany 49-euro ticket. For months, the German federal and state government have been discussing a follow-up for the 9-euro ticket. The popular 9-euro ticket travel card ran from June to the end of August this year.

Finally, a follow-up solution is in sight. On Monday, the state transport minister expressed their eagerness to co-finance a successor to the 9-euro ticket and come to an agreement with the federal government by mid October for a ticket that would go on sale January 1st 2023.

Following the meeting, Bremen’s transport senator Maike Schäfer (Greens), chairwoman of the conference of state transport ministers, said: “We have taken a good step forward.”

The 49-euro ticket is currently the focus of discussion, after various price points had previously been discussed for a follow-up ticket including a 69-euro ticket.

According to Schäfer, the ticket would cost an additional €3 billion a year. The federal government will have to help finance it even though local transportation is under the control of the states.

Transport Minister Volker Wissing wants the government to provide half the funding of the new ticket with the other half covered by the states.

The states however are insisting on extra funding of an additional €1.5 billion for the expansion of local transportation, with a similar amount to compensate for the inflation of energy prices.

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