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Germany: The federal government is “forcing” people to vaccinate against Covid-19

Vaccinations against Covid-19 in Germany are becoming increasingly compulsory. After the Tuesday summit of Angela Merkel with the prime ministers of the federal states, decisions were made that will put pressure on the unvaccinated.

Over the past few months, the federal government has repeatedly given citizens hope to end the bans related to the coronavirus pandemic.

Yesterday we found out that it is completely different. We wrote about the new restrictions, which will come into force in August, HERE.

Unfortunately, vaccinations that were supposed to be voluntary are slowly becoming compulsory due to new restrictions introduced primarily for the unvaccinated.

The head of the law firm Helge Braun (48 years old, CDU) promised on March 5, 2021 that the restrictions would be loosened as soon as all Germans received an offer of vaccinations. “Then we can go back to normal in all areas.”

Chancellor Merkel (67 years old, CDU) promised on July 13 that “there will be no compulsory vaccinations in Germany “

On July 6, Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, 54, SPD announced: “If everyone in Germany has a vaccination jab done, then there is no longer any legal or political justification for any restrictions.”

The German press comments on the decision taken during the Tuesday summit:

A commentator for the weekly “Die Zeit” wrote in an online edition of the newspaper that a state that ensures that vaccination is voluntary must decide:
“for those who do not want to vaccinate, they must pay for the tests that substitute as long as they are necessary or allow them to participate equally in society. This promise that no one will be forced to vaccinate has just been broken.”

Germany: A decision was made to abolish free tests

A commentator for the newspaper “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung” sees things differently, they wrote that: “So far, only about 52 million Germans have taken at least one dose of the vaccine. While elsewhere in the world there is an urgent need for a vaccine. Many refuse to do so at the expense of everyone else. Be it conspiracy theories, laziness or unspecified discomfort – these reasons do not convince. So putting pressure on the unvaccinated is the right thing to do.

A commentator for the Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper accuses the authorities of a lack of strategy. “Germany has been discussing the vaccination of children for a long time, completely ignoring another problem, namely the number of vaccinations among adults. Now everyone is hoping that vaccination incentives and mandatory testing will work. This strategy will survive at most until the next round of negotiations between the central government and the federal states.

More comments from the German press on this subject have been published on .