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Germany: The Covid-Warn-App is now available

The German app for tracking for people-to-people contacts and monitoring the spread of coronavirus from June 16th June for download, which residents of the national authorities encourage. In Germany the contact tracking application was created in cooperation with the government with the national operator Deutsche Telekom and the IT Company SAP. An API developed jointly by Apple and Google was used to develop it. This solution is to guarantee the safety and privacy of users whose data is stored locally on the device (as opposed to the centralised system plan abandoned in April). For the correct operation of the program you need the current version of the operating system and active Bluetooth connectivity.

Germany is among the countries in Europe introducing an application based on solution developed jointly by American Companies noted Reuters. The German COVID-Warn-App program used proximity technology to monitor the environment for the proximity of other people with the application running. If it turns out that one of the users is infected with the new coronavirus, the system will inform all other persons who have had contact with it and will prompt them to quarantine and carry out an infection test.

However, according to analysts, the German application may encounter problems. Last week’s Politbarometer probe for ZDF showed that only 42 percent. West Germany residents are interested in downloading the COVID-Warn-App – compared to 46 % respondents who do not intend to do so, and a further 8% not having a smartphone at all. Meanwhile, according to experts, the effectiveness of the solution depends on its widespread use. Due to limited interest in the program, the German authorities have already withdrawn from the goal of reaching about 60 %. Population – notes Reuters. Despite this, governments hope that software will be a key tool to help Germany avoid the second wave of the epidemic.