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Germany: The Bavarian prime minister Markus Söder calls for the observation of the coronasceptics

Bavarian prime minister Markus Söder said in an interview on Friday with the newspaper Munchner Merkur that the German Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution should intensively address the Germany conspiracy coronasceptics milieu, partly composed of extremists.

Söder admitted in an interview with the daily that the development of the coronasceptic movement is a great concern for him. “Everyone should look carefully at who they are demonstrating with,” he warned.

“There is a growing conglomerate of right-wing extremists, Reich citizens, anti-Semites and absurd conspiracy theorists who even accuse politicians of Satanism.” The Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (the German Civil Counterintelligence Service) has to “look closely”. Many demonstration groups want a “different state,” said the Bavarian Prime Minister.

Markus Söder used the example of the Reich Citizens organisation, which the authorities initially said were “underestimated”. But it was possible to find out that the citizens of the Reich, despite their “completely absurd” ideas, “can pose a serious threat to the state and life.” He added that he had a “bad feeling” that other “coronasceptics” could be the same as well.

Last Saturday, a demonstration of 20,000 people took place in the centre of Leipzig. Opponents of restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic. There have been numerous violations of the protection against infection requirements, as well as violent clashes when the police stopped the demonstration ahead of schedule due to violation of sanitary restrictions.

Renate H. (name changed) participated in one of this year’s Germany coronasceptics demonstrations in Berlin. Professionally he is a public servant of the federal state of Berlin. As a prosecutor he conducts investigations of juvenile offenders.

Now the prosecutor’s office is checking whether H. has violated her official duties – writes the daily “Tagesspiegel”, which came into possession of a recording of a demonstration with the participation of a prosecutor working in a criminal court in the Moabit district.

For the duration of the demonstration, Renate H. hung a string with a self-made poster around her neck.

“It’s hard to see what’s on the poster from the videos available. However, after looking at the photo material, you can see the inscription: “Where injustice becomes right, resistance becomes a duty.” This saying, which is extremely popular, especially on the right-wing scene, legitimises the fight against a free and democratic legal order, writes Tagespiegel.

The lawyer has been spreading conspiracy theories on her private Facebook profile for months. For a long time, her profile picture had the slogan “Don’t give Gates a chance.” A common conspiracy theory among coronaviruses says that the pandemic was “caused” by Microsoft founder Bill Gates to make money from the vaccine.

The Tagesspiegel consulted the judiciary about its findings on the prosecutor.

“We will always defend the fact that the judiciary is also politically active,” said spokesman for the Berlin judicial administration, Dirk Behrendt. “Nevertheless, participation in such meetings with right-wing extremists, Reichs-Citizens and anti-Semites should be carefully considered as it may (…) damage the reputation of the judiciary,” he added.

A spokesman for the Berlin prosecutor’s office, Martin Steltner, pointed out that every citizen has the right to participate “even in absurd events”. However, the prosecution is currently investigating “whether there is a violation of the law” in this case.