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Germany: Four Tax Tricks That Will Make You Save Easily

Germany: If you want to save, you should file your tax return diligently, the t-online portal has presented four tax tricks with which you can easily recover extra money from the tax office.

Filing your tax return often gives you nerves. However, what many people don’t know is that you can deduct almost anything for tax purposes – and thus get even more reimbursement. The t-online portal has presented five tax tricks that have been developed by the experts of the Taxfix mobile tax application.

Trick 1: do something good

Anyone who has donated something for a good cause in the past year can use this amount to reduce the tax burden. The only condition is that the statute of the non-profit organization is recognized by the tax office. Recipients of donations may be, for example, associations, foundations or political parties.

You can include more than just cash donations in your tax return – you can also deduct in-kind donations from your tax as they are also considered special expenses.

Trick 2: The detours pay off

The so-called the distance relief allows you to deduct travel costs from the tax, among others for work. The route does not always have to be the shortest. A detour can pay off – not only in terms of time, but also financially. If you regularly change to a longer but obviously more convenient route, you can include this on your tax return.

Trick 3: cleaning costs for work-wear

Some professions require a specific outfit; This applies, inter alia, to policemen, doctors or nurses. For these jobs, the tax office recognizes wearable clothing as work clothing. You can claim a refund for it in your return.

If you dry clean your work clothes, you can deduct the full cost. If, on the other hand, you wash your work clothes yourself, you have to calculate its share in the total of your laundry. The testimony can also include the costs of drying and ironing.

Trick 4: Deduct expenses for a pet sitter

Going on vacation is expensive enough. If you need to hire a pet sitter, you’ll pay even more. However, the following applies: in your tax return you can include your pet care expenses as a household service – and thus get your money back.

This trick works if you hire a third party, such as a neighbor, to care for your pet during your vacation. The only condition is that the care of the pet is carried out in your home.