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‘State of emergency’ can end in November – Health minister Jens Spahn

Germany’s Health Minister Jens Spahn believed the so called ‘epidemic situation of national relevance’ aka ‘state of emergency’ can be phased out – Spahn insisted on Sunday that Germany’s pandemic emergency powers’ should expire in November.

“The state of emergency, established by the Bundestag – that can be ended in my view because four out of five adults have been vaccinated,” he told broadcaster ZDF.

The Bundestag extended the “epidemic situation of national importance” for another three months until November 25th which is set to end if not extended again by the parliament.

This statement sparks controversy in that it does not align with the rising number of coronavirus infections in Germany and he added that the covid-health pass still grants entry to many indoor public spaces – known as 3G rules in Germany for the vaccinated (geimpft), recovered (genesen) and tested (getestet) – were very important.

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Jens Spahn added that the precautionary measures in autumn and winter will still be in place and that means mask and social-distancing will still be present in public transport and shops.

Spahn said a change in the law would make it possible for the states and local authorities to continue Covid measures. 

“I also expressly support that,” Spahn said, adding that he believed special protective measures were also needed in places like schools and nursing homes. 

Source: The Local