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Germany: Serious accident on B28 near Römerstein, one dead several seriously injured

Germany news. Serious accident on B28 near Römerstein, one dead several seriously injured. There was a serious accident that took place on B28 near Römerstein where one person was left for dead and nine people were seriously injured, including a child.

On Monday afternoon there was a serious traffic accident on the B28 near Römerstein (Reutlingen district) between Zainingen and the Feldstetten district of Laichingen (Alb-Donau-Kreis).

Police reported that driver of a fully electric car turned left into oncoming traffic for an unknown reasons. This led to the vehicle striking an oncoming car which got into the oncoming lane as a result of the collision and collided head-on with a third vehicle.

Accident B28 near Römerstein: The accident car was E-test vehicle for autonomous driving

The engine compartment caught fire leading to panic and the first car collided with an oncoming fourth car.

The incident cause the death of one person and nine people were seriously injured included a one and a half year old.

According to, the police reported that the car that caused the accident was an e-test vehicle for autonomous driving. The investigators are now checking whether the 43-year-old driver steered manually or whether the automatic was active.

What is the status on those injured?

The injured were taken to various hospitals. The rescue service was on site with a large contingent of four rescue helicopters, ten ambulances, three emergency doctors and a senior emergency doctor. The fire brigade was deployed with 15 vehicles and around 80 emergency services to extinguish the burning vehicle and to rescue it.