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Scholz: “Germany will not support the boycott of Russian oil, coal and gas”

Germany’s Chancellor Scholz opposed the immediate suspension of oil and gas imports from Russia.

Germany to continue receiving imports from Russia

Scholz opposed the immediate suspension of oil and gas supplies from Russia but he did however add that Germany is trying to give up imports, looking for other suppliers and increasing the use of renewable energy.

The said Wednesday that “NATO will not be a party to the war. We agree with our European allies and the United States. ” He also reiterated that his country would not support a no-fly zone over Ukraine or send troops to intervene in the war with Russia.

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According to the dpa agency, shortly before the EU, G7 and NATO summits in Brussels, the chancellor had declared that he was sicking to his resolve to not immediately stop energy imports from Russia due to the war in Ukraine.

He pledge that Ukraine can still get help from Germany, citing the already offered financial and military aid, severe sanctions against Russia and the admission of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian refugees, APNews informs.

Source: APNews