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Germany restrictions: Federal and state governments debate night curfews

Germany restrictions: The federal and state governments want to introduce a nationwide night curfew to prevent the spread of mutated coronaviruses. The only open question is from when to when such a curfew will apply and whether it should only come into effect from a certain incidence:

A requirement is under discussion, according to which only the higher quality FFP2 masks may be worn when shopping and in local public transport, but possibly also the simpler surgical masks we wrote about it here>>.

In principle, the federal states agreed to the measure as it would be the best approach towards curbing new infections. The mutated virus has already been recorded in the country and there is avid effort towards containing its spreading reported NDR.

The UK variant has already been detected in Germany. Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned that the UK variant could “take the lead over the old virus” in a very short amount of time, adding that there is a danger of exponential growth of cases.

“That’s why we need to be extremely careful,” Merkel said in regard for Germany’s restrictions.

Schools and daycare centres are to remain largely closed for the time being. Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) wants to consult with the prime ministers of the federal states about how to proceed in the corona crisis on Tuesday.