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Germany reactivates the Dublin agreement to return refugees to other countries

Minister of Interior confirmed that Germany will reactivate the Dublin Agreement after it was suspended due to the Coronavirus pandemic. This means that it will return the refugees to the European countries from which they entered the European Union.

According to the Dublin Convention, the application for asylum will be in the first country in the European Union, to be entered by asylum seekers . This means that Germany can return asylum seekers to these countries. The Dublin agreement also includes countries outside the European Union such as Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Because of the Corona pandemic, Germany has suspended the provisions of the Dublin Agreement since March 23. Now, “with the lifting of restrictions on cross-border traffic and the warning against travel across European Union countries lifted, the repatriation operations will resume,” this is according to the German Interior Ministry statement.

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The repatriation of refugees is supposed to take place gradually, by transporting them to neighboring countries by land, and then by air through “chartered planes” to the countries to which they should be returned to “to be cautious about spreading infection between countries”, according to the statement.

People who show symptoms of infection with the virus or if  it has been proven infected will be allowed to remain until recovery.

Source: Abwab Eu