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Germany: Promising results from Phase 1 trials of CureVac on Covid-19

Germany coronavirus cure: A prototype of the coronavirus vaccine from the German company CureVac triggered the production of neutralising antibodies in patients in the first phase of the study at a level similar to those after a serious infection.

“We are very encouraged by the preliminary results of the first phase,” commented CureVac chief Franz-Werner Haas in a statement. As he announced, the company hopes to start the final phase of clinical trials involving tens of thousands of patients this year.

So far, over 250 people aged 18-60 in Germany and Belgium have participated in the study. Side effects reported in volunteers were mild and usually occurred after receiving the second and final dose of the vaccine. These were fatigue, headaches and muscle aches, chills, and less frequently fever, which subsided within 24-48 hours.

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Why CureVac for Germany coronavirus cure?

The CureVac vaccine prototype is based on a modern approach based on viral mRNA rather than traditional dead pathogen particles. A similar technology is used in two other potential vaccines at the end of clinical trials – the American Moderna and the German-American BioNTech and Pfizer consortium. Initial results from the final phase of research on them should be known in November.

The dose used by CureVac is to be lower than that in competing vaccines, but studies by Moderna and Pfizer indicate a stronger immune system response, exceeding that seen in people who have had an infection