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Germany: Position of ambassador to be occupied by married couple

Combining work and motherhood is not an easy matter, which is why the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs agreed that the position of ambassador should be taken not by one person, but by husband and wife. Natalie Kauther and Adrian Pollmann (pictured) are a couple who will run the German Embassy in Slovenia from August. It was agreed that the husband and wife would change position every 8 months. For the first time the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs decided on such a solution. Tagesschau called it a “family-friendly experiment in sharing work.”

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A pair of German diplomats, who will soon move to Lubiana for four years, have three children aged seven, eight and ten. They are both 45 and 43 years old, are lawyers by education and have been employed at the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 2005. In an interview with Tagesschau, they praise the head of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs Heiko Maas and employees of the ministry’s HR department for openness and flexibility, thanks to which it is easier for diplomats who have children to combine professional and family responsibilities.