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Germany: Munich authorities have approved a 30 km/h speed limit in this area

Traffic fines in Germany. Munich introduce 30 km/h speed limit. The Munich City Council has made a decision regarding the Mittlerer Ring, instituting a new speed limit of 30 km/h. Violators will face fines and penalty points. Exceeding the speed limit by more than 56 km/h may result in a suspension of driving privileges for 1 to 3 months.

Munich introduce 30 km/h speed limit

To enhance air quality, a speed limit of 30 km/h is being implemented on a portion of the Mittlerer Ring in Munich. This decision was reached by the city council on Wednesday, April 24. Council members from the SPD, CSU, and the Free Voters party supported the measure, while the Greens, who co-govern Munich with the SPD, opposed it.
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The speed limit applies specifically to Landshuter Allee, where nitrogen dioxide levels in exhaust gases exceeded permissible values in 2023. Although the Department of the Environment requested an extension of the city driving ban to vehicles with emission standard 5, the Munich City Council rejected this proposal.

The announcement of the new 30 km/h speed limit may test the patience of some drivers, although many already don’t drive faster than that on the Mittlerer Ring during rush hours.

Penalties for speeding in a 30 km/h zone

In Germany, you don’t need to drive the fastest car in the world to face a driving ban. The updated catalog of fines from 2021 remains in effect in 2024, imposing fines, penalty points, and even driving bans for serious road offenses. Whether you were speeding within or outside built-up areas is a key factor.

  • exceeding the speed limit by  26  to 30 km/h:  one-month  driving ban and a €235 fine
  • Speeding by 31 to 40 km/h: one  month driving ban and €340 fine
  • Speeding by 41 to 50 km/h: two  months driving ban and a €560 fine
  • Speeding by 51 to 60 km/h: three-month  driving ban and €700 fine
  • Speeding by more than 60 km/h: three-month  driving ban and a fine of EUR 800.

What is the speeding tolerance in Germany?

Speed camera devices, whether mobile or stationary, can be prone to technical errors. To ensure that any inaccuracies in measurements do not unfairly penalize drivers, the following tolerance applies to all speed measurements in Germany:

Police vehicles equipped with ProViDa systems can also verify compliance with speed limits. When using these systems, a tolerance of 5 km/h (up to 100 km/h) or 5 percent (above 100 km/h) is applied. However, the police must adhere to specific rules when conducting speed measurements.