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Germany, Merkel’s government to allow vaccination for everyone by June

Germany is to set an end to vaccination prioritisation by June at the latest, allowing everyone to apply for their jabs, said Angela Merkel. This will mean that people would not necessarily be vaccinated immediately.

Health Minister Jens Spahn already made the announcement that Germany would be doing away with vaccination prioritisation by age group by June, we wrote about it <<here>>.

“This does not mean that everyone can then be vaccinated immediately,” Merkel said.

“But then everyone can apply for a vaccination appointment, and they will then be given one according to the supply,” the chancellor added.

Merkel also pointed out that Germany could expect a difficult social debate of only part of the population is vaccinated as those who acquired their vaccination would end up expecting more freedoms.

“We will enter a transition phase that will not be easy,” she warned. “We have to deal with this question very sensitively.”

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Freedom for fully vaccinated people

Merkel made the comment that Germany is looking towards the relaxation of curbs for people who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Citing a study from the country’s official Robert Koch Institute, Merkel said  that fully vaccinated people and those who have recovered, “no longer pose a relevant infection danger.”

People who have received both jabs should be allowed to go to the hairdressers, shopping among others without having to provide a negative coronavirus test. they should also be exempt from quarantining after contact with an infected person.

Chancellor Merkel did not mention what freedoms recovered or vaccinated people would have.

Source: DW