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Germany: “Merkel must go” slogan at the Kassel protest

“Merkel must go” slogan at the protest in Kassel
Last weekend was marked by protests in many European cities. One of the demonstrations took place in Kassel, where over 20,000 people gathered.

“Free citizens of Kassel – fundamental rights and democracy”
Saturday’s protest was organized under this slogan, which, according to the decision of the Administrative Court, was only allowed on the outskirts of the city. Theoretically, the participants were supposed to wear masks and maintain social distancing, but virtually no one followed the established conditions. The demonstration was attended by people who oppose the restrictions, as well as people who are against vaccination, conspiracy theorists and members of the Querdenker movement. In addition to slogans related to the pandemic, there were banners of opposition to racism, rainbow flags waving and countering their shouts of “Nazis away.”

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According to a police spokesman, several policemen and journalists were attacked. The services were to use truncheons, pepper spray and water cannons. Apparently, there were also several arrests.

Protests also in London
33 participants in a demonstration in London were arrested last Saturday. Several thousand people gathered there, and the main reason was the restrictions in force. People also opposed the bill under debate in the House of Commons, which would increase the powers of the police during the protests.
The demonstration blocked central London in the afternoon. Clashes with police took place in Hyde Park – officers were attacked by protesters with bottles and cans, forcing them to hide in cars.

Europe protests
Protests took place also in several other countries, incl. Finland, Romania, Austria and Switzerland. Society demands a return to normalcy, and the atmosphere grows tense with each new tightening.

Source: DW. com