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Germany: Merkel Announces Reopening of Schools, banning events and social distancing measures

Chancellor Angela Merkel and the first Ministers decided to reopen all schools in Germany as they, for the first time since the coronavirus crisis, physically met at the chancellery in Berlin on Wednesday afternoon. The chancellor also added that corona social distancing rules are still in place because there is still no vaccine or medication for the virus, the virus causes very intense respiratory problems that are mostly the cause of death. They include the distance of 1.5 meters (5 feet) people have to keep in public, the mandatory masks in public transport and in shops, as well as the contact rules. Angela Merkel said local Corona outbreaks at places where the distance rules “could not be followed” showed what kind of issues still existed.

For Germany. Schools are meant to reopen after the summer vacations if the number of cases of coronavirus can stay low. Large events have now been banned in Germany until October. Merkel thanked the 6.5 millions of people in Germany who have already downloaded the corona-warn app that worked via a blue-tooth means allowing you to be able to tell who has the coronavirus next to you via blue-tooth information sharing. The chancellor called the app a milestone and that its release was one of many measures to be enforced.