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Coronavirus in Germany: Merkel declares ban on big events until October

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has declared a ban on large events until the end of October to try to evade a new wave of coronavirus infections in the country. This was soon after speaking to the leaders of Germany’s 16 states where she urged people to remain cautious and maintain the social distancing measures enforced by their various states. She offered some good news too saying the rate of infections has stabilised and is at an all-time low. Merkel last month conceded more responsibility to the regional states for tackling the pandemic, but insisted that social distancing and mask-wearing remained essential to curb new infections of coronavirus in Germany.

Merkel and the heads of the different states agreed that large events, where contact tracing and distancing were not possible, should be banned at least until the end of October, a government document showed. This would be the best and sure method to make sure that the virus does not take on a new toll just when t is beginning to see manageable. Protests and demonstrations will continue to be allowed, but the document said authorities must take steps to reduce the infection risks there increasing the numbers of cases of people infected with coronavirus in Germany . In recent events a lot of issues surrounding the black community have been coming up and report have said that the rate of racial discrimination in Germany has been steadily rising. A lot of people in Berlin too to the streets waving banners and calling for a recognition of black lives and also an end to police brutality.

In northern Germany, one of Germany’s biggest meat processors, said it had was shutting an abattoir in Guetersloh after some 400 of its workers tested positive for the new coronavirus. The local authority closed schools and kindergartens as a precaution. Germany has already banned the subcontracting of meat-packing work through employment agencies after a series of outbreaks among slaughterhouse workers.