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Germany: Legoland roller coaster accident, several people injured

German news. Cable car accident in Legoland, Germany – On Thursday August 11th, a terrible roller coaster accident occurred at a Bavarian amusement park. 31 people were injured and one case had someone more seriously injured than the rest – informed the German press agency, citing a spokesman for the police. Previously, there were talk of 34 wounded.

Cable car accident in Legoland, Germany – many children injured

According to German media, two roller coasters collided with each other in Legoland. One of them braked sharply and this caused several f its carriages were rammed by a train coming from behind.

There are three rescue helicopters, a fire brigade and emergency services at the scene.

According to a spokeswoman for Legoland, the collision took place in the area of ​​the “Feuerdrache” mountain railway station. The rescue operation lasted a long time because the safety barriers on the trains could not be opened immediately after the accident.

Each car has a maximum of 20 seats. There were many children in the funicular.

Only less that a week ago did a 57-year-old die in an amusement park in Germany after she fell off a roller coaster at a height of 8 metres.