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Germany: Knife attack at immigration office in Wuppertal, employee violently stabbed

Germany: Knife attack at immigration office where an employee was violently stabbed.

Germany news: Knife attack in Wuppertal. An employee was stabbed several times in an immigration office in Wuppertal (NRW) on Thursday morning.

BILD wrote that the perpetrator was said to be a 21-year old Syrian. Reports said that the man stormed into the building in the Elberfeld district at 8:58 a.m., jumped over the reception desk in the entrance area and suddenly stabbed the woman.

The woman’s colleagues managed after a few moments to block the attacker, who was then arrested by the police.

Security was able to overpower the attacker which then led to his arrest.

The office worker was taken to the hospital. Police say she sustained serious but non-life-threatening injuries. It is still unclear why the man attacked her.

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“It’s a terrible day for Wuppertal.”

According to, social Affairs Director Stefan Kühn is appalled. He said that it was a terrible day for Wuppertal. At a press conference, he talks about the violent incident on Friedrich-Engels-Allee. Around 9 o’clock, an employee of the Integration House was attacked with a knife.