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Germany, knife attack by stranger in Erfut, two injured

Germany, In Erfut a man is said to have attacked and injured two people presumably with a knife in an attack on Monday the 28th of June 2021. The perpetrator is on the run right now and is being searched for by Helicopter.

According to police, the stranger allegedly attacked and injured two men with a knife then he fled. The two victims are 45 and 68 years old.

The police had initially given no information about the severity of the injuries. A police spokesman had said that the two men came to the hospital but are not critically injured.

The fugitive was first searched for with the assistance of a helicopter and later a sniffer dog was used.

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According to the description, the perpetrator is said to be between 20 and 30 years old, wearing a brown sweater an dark sweatpants and having blonde to reddish curly hair and a scarred face. He also spoke German.

The focus of the knife attack by the man was on the Erfurt district of Wiesenhügel. According to the police, several reports from the population about the incident were received on Monday

Background of the attacker

The police have not yet been able to provide any information about the background to the crime and according to the spokeswoman, the two attacked have not yet been interrogated on the facts because they were under medical treatment.

It remains unclear whether the perpetrator and the stabber knew each other or were in any way related to each other.

This happens just days after another knife attack had taken place in downtown Würzburg. According to Bild journalists, at least three people were killed and six others injured, some seriously. The perpetrator was arrested with a shot to the leg.

Investigators found records showing that the Somali youth was receiving treatment in a psychiatric clinic, while the police indicated that he was not an Islamist known to the authorities. But one witness said he shouted “Allahu Akbar” during the attack, which raised questions about his motives.