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Germany food prices: Butter cost increases by 30 percent

Germany increase in food prices: People in Germany face extreme increases in food prices with the price of butter going up by almost 30 per cent, it is now more expensive in the supermarkets.

Germany retailer Aldi announced higher prices to their products with other bakeries also following suit. President of the German Retail Association, Josef Sanktjohanser, said that the second wave of price increases is coming and that it will certainly be in the double digits.

Germans are being warned of further increases after prices had risen by around five percent as a result of higher energy prices even before the start of the Ukraine War.

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Butter price increases by 30 percent: It is now more expensive in the supermarket

Taggesschau wrote, ‘the prices of other items from the classic range of foods in a supermarket also climbed by high double-digit percentages. The price of sunflower oil rose by 28.9 percent, tomatoes by 27 percent and rye flour by 22.5 percent.’

If customers had paid EUR 1.59 for a packet of butter before the Ukraine war, the price is now EUR 2.09.