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Germany: Health minister introduces mandatory tests for coronavirus travellers from high-risk countries

German Health Minister Jens Spahn announced on August 3 that mandatory coronavirus testing for travellers arriving from high-risk countries would be introduced in Germany later this week.

 However, he did not provide the exact date when it will happen. He explained that the date would be agreed with all German federal states.

“We have a strategy for dealing with countries at risk. The quarantine obligation was introduced. Anyone who comes from risk areas must undergo a two-week quarantine. This is to be done with compulsory testing either before or after arriving in Germany within 72 hours at a facility under the health authority or the authority commissioning the test, “Spahn said in the” Morgenmagazin “news program of the German public television ARD.

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As he pointed out, you will have to prove you have passed the test and received a negative result, or if the result is positive, go to quarantine. The minister also appealed to people currently on vacation to show responsibility by observing sanitary regulations and distance in contacts.

Spahn added that it took some time to build an appropriate material testing base. “We can currently perform 1.2 million tests per week. At the moment, about half of the existing potential is being used, ”he emphasized.

As reported on Monday morning by the Institute of Robert Koch (RKI) in Berlin, 509 new cases of coronavirus carrier were detected in Germany in the last 24 hours, which increased their total number recorded since the beginning of the pandemic to 210,402. Of those infected, 9,148 died and 193,500. has already recovered. (PAP)

Source: Jens Spahn,