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Germany: Fire in asylum seeker’s hostel in Kronach, woman and toddler dead

A raging fire broke out on Sunday evening at a asylum seekers’ hostel in Kronach, upper Franconia leaving a 31-year -old woman and a two-year-old child dead.

A 34 year old man suffered severe burns was flown to a hospital as a spokesman for the upper Franconian Police headquarters.

The cause for the fire is unknown but it broke out at 5:45 P.M in one of the apartments.

Due to the heavy smoke development, when the first emergency services arrived, it was not clear whether all residents of the asylum seeker accommodation could escape outside in good time. The fire brigade quickly brought the fire under control, but the woman and the toddler could only be rescued dead.

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The fire caused a lot of damage leaving other residents unable to return to their apartments after the fire was extinguished. The district office of Kronach arranged further accommodation options.

Source: dpa, Spiegel