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German electrician accused of castrating several men, he performed operation on the kitchen table

A German electrician castrates men: A man is on trial in Germany and is being accused of killing one man and mutilating several others.

One of the men castrated did not survive the procedure carried out by the man advertised himself on the Internet claiming to be a doctor. A trial of the 66-year old electrician began in a court in Munich.

The German told judges that he was carrying out the procedures at the men’s request.

He castrated men on the kitchen table

The defendant, whose name had not been made public, said during the trial that he initially offered sexual services on sadomasochistic sites. In this way, he wanted to earn money to pay off debts.

Investigators found that the 66-year-old later extended his services to genital surgery, which he was to perform on the kitchen table at his home in Markt Schwaben. As reported by the daily ” The Guardian”   , he told his clients that he was a qualified doctor.

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The defendant admitted before the district court in Munich that between July 2018 and March 2020 he had emasculated or partially amputated the genitals of eight men. However, he maintains that he is not guilty of the death of the man who died a few days after surgery.

The body of the deceased was found by the police three weeks after illegal surgery. It was hidden in a chest.

Prosecutors accused the 66-year-old of the murder because he failed to call an ambulance to a man whose health had deteriorated sharply as a result of surgery on the genitals. In addition, the electrician will have to be held responsible for injuring other people.

Source: The Guardian